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Welcome to Farmingdale

Known as "Today's Town...with Yesterday's Touch", Farmingdale, and its Main Street, dates back to an Indian path toward the Manasquan River. The town of Farmingdale started out with two stores, two taverns, and 10-12 dwellings.

History of Farmingdale

Important Notices

May 19th, June 16th & July 14th Council Meetings

June 16th Council Meetings will be held remotely.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Virus distancing requirements, we will be holding the June and probably July meetings remotely as we have with the April & May 2020 meetings.

We invite all to participate. If not by computer, feel free to call in and listen in on things. We will also be collecting questions from public prior to the meeting, see directions and information below to join the meeting.

Click here to add the June 16th Meeting to your Google Calendar

Click Here to add the July 14th meeting to your Google Calendar

Click here to JOIN the May 19th, the June 16th & July 14th Meeting Online, or call the numbers below

Join with Google Meet -

Join by phone - 1-417-719-7416?  PIN: 665 160 463 #

For instructions on how to join and participate CLICK THIS LINK which takes you to the Google G Suite Learning Center.

To send a question or comment to the Governing Body which you want read aloud or addressed during the Public Comment session of the meeting, CLICK THIS LINK.

Meetiing Agendas Click This Link

2020 Memorial Day Parade - POSTPONED

47th Annual
Farmingdale Memorial Day Parade!
New Date To Be Determined
The Town Council is considering a Labor Day Parade, but it depends on where we are with this pandemic keeping us all at home.

COVID-19 Update

Saturday, March 14, 2020

See the continually updated links below containing information from the CDC, State of NJ, Monmouth County and the below information on specifics relating to how Farmingdale is responding to the COVID-19 virus

---- UPDATE 04.02.20 - 7:00am ----

There are 2 confirmed cases in Farmingdale, the "6" reported by the county include 4 from Howell, but stay vigilant folks, we arent out of the woods on this thing yet. We have a little ways to go before it will be business as usual.

PLEASE support your local businesses, the Pharmacy is open and able to fulfill you prescriptions, Our restaurants are trying to keep you fed, and keep the doors open, they need our help keep the lights on. Shop N Bag is keeping the shelves stocked to get us through. Unfortunately the State has added beauty services to the shut down list. Do what you can now to help support them.

This is a great simplified infographic about COVID-19. 

Residents looking for additional information pertaining to the COVID-19 Viruscan follow the links below;

Monmouth County Website

US Govt - CDC Site

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2020 - Shared Service with Howell

To all Residents and Business Owners in Farmingdale Borough:

Recently, the Farmingdale Borough Council and the Howell Township Council entered into a shared services agreement to utilize the Howell Fire Bureau staff to perform the required annual fire prevention inspections in the Borough of Farmingdale.  This agreement takes effect on January 1, 2020.

How does this affect the resident?  The only noticeable change to the resident will be the Howell Fire Bureau personnel in town.  If a resident decides to sell their home, a smoke alarm inspection certificate is required by State Law.  In the past, the local Fire Bureau would do this inspection.  With this change, the Howell Fire Bureau is now the responsible agency to perform this inspection.  Application for this inspection must be submitted in person at the Howell Fire Bureau office where the Staff will schedule an inspection date with you as you pay the required fees for the inspection. Application forms for this inspection are available on the Howell Township website under the forms section or copy and paste the below link.

Fees for the Smoke Alarm Inspection were set by Farmingdale Borough Ordinance and are all based on how many business days until your closing:

More than 10 days = $50.

Less than 10 more than 4 = $90.

Less than 4 days = $161.

For the commercial business:  Your inspection will take place annually at approximately the same time each year.  You will be required by ordinance to pay an inspection fee based on the square foot of your space used.  Your invoice will be mailed to you prior to your inspection.  All fees will be now be paid directly to the Howell Fire Bureau.  Our offices are open and available for questions and concerns Monday thru Friday 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.

Fees for businesses were set by Farmingdale Ordinance earlier this year and will be attached to your annual invoice.

If you have any questions, please contact the Howell Fire Bureau office at 732-938-4500 ext. 2900 or by email at

Visit the Howell Township website at

Streetlight Outages - How to report it, from JCP&L

 JCP&L Topic of the Month

Streetlights brighten up a community, keeping it attractive and safe. Help us ensure streetlights are working as they should by letting us know about lights that are in need of repair. If you see a streetlight out, please contact us. We’ll repair it as quickly as possible. STREETLIGHT ON 

Most streetlight outages can be repaired within a few days, but sometimes it can take longer if equipment needs to be replaced. Together, we can keep the streets bright at night.

• Call our automated outage reporting line at 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877). For faster service, use the phone number associated with your account and say “streetlight” after the greeting.

• Visit Under Outages, click on “Report Lighting Problem.”

To Report a Streetlight Outage, When you contact us, let us know: ·      

 - your name and phone number ·      

 - address where the streetlight is located ·      

 - the number on the pole ·      

  - what is wrong with the streetlight -

Please consider attaching the attached document to you municipal website. Your JCP&L Area Manager

NOTICE: JCP&L Emergency Services

A notice to customers who use electrically operated 


If any member of your household depends on electrically operated life-support equipment, please let us know by calling 1-800-662-3115. Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) will send you a form that must be completed and signed by your physician every year to verify that you have lifesupport. If you have any questions about our Critical Customer Care Program, or to sign up, please call 1-800-662-3115.

Does your home or business depend on an electrically operated private well for water? JCP&L maintains a list of customers with private wells. These customers are contacted by telephone if a power outage is expected to affect their electric service for more than 24 hours – in which case, they’ll be advised of locations where water and ice are available. Customers viewing this information online who want to participate in this service should print the form (see link below), complete the form and mail it to:  JCP&L Private Well Customer Service  PO BOX 367  Holmdel, NJ 07733-0367  Attention: Revenue Operations 

For the full notice, click this link:

Farmingdale-Howell First Aid Squad

Farmingdale-Howell First Aid SquadWe need members to fill our jackets...

Join today - 732.938.3161 - Call anytime leave a message

To check us out on Facebook Click Here

Farmingdale 2019 CCR - Water Quality Report

Click Below for the

Farmingdale 2019 CCR - Water Quality Report

Water Department Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
For the Year 2019, Results from the Year 2018

You can also find it posted in the Utilities section of the Borough web site, and in your most recent Sewer Bill Mailing.

Farmingdale Recreation Commission



That's right....we're looking to expand our number and now is the time for YOU to join us!

Be a part of the commission and use YOUR voice, YOUR ideas, and YOUR talents to help bring even more wonderful events and programs to our community.

Please contact us through our Facebook page or, if you know one of our members, tell us in person! We'll direct you towards the application and you can come on board right away!

Tell a friend! Tell TWO friends! Spread the word!

Don't miss this opportunity to make a positive difference in the town we all love, work with great people and have TONS of fun doing it!

See you soon......!

2018 Consumer Confidence Report - Water Quaity

2018 Water Quality Report

Click on the link below to download a copy of our 2018 Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report. The report not only supports that we supply complient product, but if you review the numbers it's really a superior water quality based on the Federal and State drinking water standards.

2018 Consumer Confidence Report - Water Quaity

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